May 23rd, 2006
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I just got this email from Youth Communications, about their new magazine, Rise. It is published three times a year and includes stories by parents in preventive services, dealing with an investigation, or with children in foster care. Youth Communication has published articles by parents in its foster care magazine, Represent, for years, but this is the first publication just for parents of children in care.

NY1 ran a segment on Rise on May 15th, and you can view the video and read more about it here. The NY1 story features Rosita Pagan, Sylvia Perez, Violet Rittenhour, Philneia Timmons — all parent advocates trained by the Child Welfare Organizing Project, a parent advocacy group, and participant in the Youth Communication parent writing workshop.You may download your free copies of Rise here. If you’d like to join the writing staff, call or email Nora McCarthy at (212) 279-0708 x113.


Rise magazine was also featured on the front page of Connect for Kids recently. A story from their third issue was reprinted on the website, titled “Voices from the other side of foster care”. Here is an excerpt from Philneia Timmons’ story:

“[My son] was getting in trouble just about every day in school…I was running to the school so often that I had to quit my job. I felt so frustrated, I didn’t know what to do.

“Eventually I started to hit him, even though I don’t believe in hitting kids. One night I hit him with a belt because his teacher had called to say he had cursed in class. He screamed so loud when I hit him that I stopped, but the damage was already done. The next day the school informed me that they had found bruises on my son’s body. ACS came that night.”

Connect for Kids is an online publication with one of the largest readerships among child welfare staff in the country. Youth Communication’s mission statement: “Youth Communication helps teenagers develop their skills in reading, writing, thinking, and reflection, so they can acquire the information they need to make thoughtful choices about their lives.” They are based in New York City.

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  1. says:

    here’s the facts folks,
    the system is set up as a money buisness… our tax dollars will pay a stranger pretty big bucks to take in children they they could really give a damn about!
    if a member of the family takes these little relatives in, they(our system), helps in no way shape or form…..
    yes, in very selected circumstances, children may have to be hidden from violent parents! but how often is that?
    here in ohio, cincinnati area, we had a very sad situation with baby marcus….they have still not found his 3 year old little body… his foster parents duct taped this little 3 year old who had the mentality of a one year old… duct taped this little frightened guy and left him in a closet for 3 days where he died…. atleast that is what those freaks claim! who knows the torture that little guy really went through…
    these people did not work, but lived in a really nice big house…
    they took this little 3 year olds body to indiana, and placed him in an old chimney and burned him over and over, to destroy evidence…..
    they faked his dissapearence, and had people all over our community searching for this baby boy for days…
    butler county children services blame some company, lifeway for youth, for setting these folks up as foster parents… i say hang them all!!!!
    supposedly, they went to check in on the boy, the foster parents said he was upstairs sick, and they left… sad, god only knows what condition this little guy was in….these children services people do not care for these kids, they are just showing up because it is their paycheck!
    just yesterday, a man, who foster parented 2 young boys(young teens), is being hunted after these young boys claim he had been molesting them for a long time….. this is the same area that baby marcus went through hell!!!! obviously, nobody really pulled these young boys asside, and asked them if everything was alright…
    face it people, some of these services pay out 800.00 to 1000.00 per month per child! as long as they are a stranger to this child and this childs family….but childrens services, butler county or clermont county, would not even offer a caring family member 5 bucks to help provide these kids with clothes or food that a family member will have to provide suddenly….but i do want to say, when a family member takes in these kids, most family would check in on the kids and be more aware for their welfare than the childrens services or strange foster parents…..
    they all fake a claim that they are doing what is best for these children…. really? these kids are being stripped away from their homes and all family members… slapped into a strange home and bed, sometimes several times a month…does that sound like they have the better interest of these kids in mind?????
    we need to throw out this system! do anything and everything possible to provide these kids a temporary or permanent home inside their family…aunts, grandmas, etc…why will our system pay a family member monthly to keep these children safe????
    everyday on the news, you see people, even government, who are victimizing children…and here these children service officials, are plucking these children in and out of homes and enviornments they know nothing about…..oh yeah, maybe these people look good on paper, maybe they just haven’t been caught yet!!!!
    these kids can’t speak out because maybe they know nobody really cares….
    im here to say for a fact, i care!! my great niece and nephew are in this system…and my sister tried to take in these 2 kids under 10 years old…. they have been hurt in previous foster homes….. but they won’t tell you what happened…must have been pretty ugly….
    these kids came to my sister with very few pieces of clothing…. my sister was offered nothing, not one dime to help care for these kids… this is also butler county and clermont county….not even babysitter money so my sister could get extra work to try to provide for them….
    this little boy and girl hold each others little hands, and are now being placed into another strangers home, because my sister, who really loved them, could not work extra time… these little ones are so traumatized, being bounced into these strange homes…she just needed to hold them close and assure them they were safe!
    these little kids were so affectionate, when the case worker showed up at the last minute, to sign them up into school, when they tried to hug this caseworker, she treated them asthough they had cooties…. wouldn’t even allow them to ride in her car!!!!
    because my sister was falling so behind in bills and rent, she had to let these kids go back into the system….
    this little girl was put into special ed classes, because of our childrens services. how could anyone keep up in school? …. please, please please, if you read my story, push for big changes to be made in this program….. this program is not always set up for the childrens better interest…

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