November 23rd, 2011
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alarm clock vintage image graphicsfairy7bOkay, it’s part of foster care, at least in my agency.  We spend time waiting.  Our agency began as a maternity home and so are not as well connected to CPS as some of the other agencies.  That means we don’t get a lot of calls for “straight foster care.”  Since my “forever family” is full, it’s pretty much straight foster care for us.

No one understands this.  No one understands why we would want foster kids when we have a house full of kids.  It’s hard to explain except this way:  It’s my calling.  It’s something dear hubby and I agreed to do before we even got our first kids.  His parents were foster parents so it’s in his gene pool.   I have a calling to be an advocate for children, and foster care allows me to live out that calling in a very real way.  Maybe I am a little crazy.


So the clock ticks.  I try to make good use of the time.  I catch up on other things.  I send pictures to birth families.  I clean my closets.  I make sure our kids are caught up on well checks and dental visits.  I sort stuff.  I catch up with my little ones’ former foster moms.  I exercise.

Ironically, I find I get more done with a foster child on the way or in the house.  It’s funny.  It requires me to step up my organization.  I keep things really clean to cut down on germ spreading.  I catch up all my paperwork so nothing gets lost.

But for now, I wait.  We’ve had two false alarms recently resulting in me having a room full of baby stuff.  My two-year-old systematically keeps spreading it around my room.  Maybe if I put it all back in the attic, the phone will ring.  Maybe if I get everyone all packed up to go to the in-laws for Thanksgiving, that will do it!  For now, I keep hoping.

Tick, tick.

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