June 28th, 2007
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Since foster parents can be viewed as employees of the state does the public (including the biological parents) have the right to our names, address and other information? This has been some of the talk since the problems with the Ohio foster care system. Does this open a whole new can of worms so to speak?

Some foster parents have done horrible things to the foster children in their care and some have even died, which should not happen. I cannot see how making foster parent’s information public would be able to stop tragedies in foster care.

The truth is that some foster parents provide foster care to some very shady and even criminal biological parents. I have been called by a caseworker after a biological parent made a threat against me because I was caring for his daughter to let me know that I needed to be more aware of potential problems. I have fostered drug dealers and child molesters children and I sure do not want them knowing where I live.


Foster parents have the right to protect the other foster children in their home and their own children. When threats are made against a foster parent you have to take them seriously. My agency had me come up with a plan if the biological parent ever tried following me home from a visit or showed up at my home.

Foster parents need the right to keep their name unknown to protect the foster children and their own families. I know that if the day should come that I am unable to protect my own children is the day I walk away.

The foster care system has to protect the foster parents so we are able to care and protect the children that are entrusted into our care.If you do not think foster parent’s information could become public knowledge click on the links in this post and think again.

Do you believe that foster parents deserve and need the right to keep their names out of the public? Would you want a drug dealer or child molester knocking on your front door with your children living there?

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2 Responses to “Should the Foster Parents Identities Be Known to the Public?”

  1. logan05 says:

    I agree withh you. My son’s adoptive parents do foster care in NY and I dont feel comfortable with the idea that just anyone could know where they live when it took me 18 months to get that information. So yess I agree that you guys should be able to protect where you live.

  2. Naomi says:

    Our daughter is adopted through the foster care system, and we are hoping to adopt our foster son as well. The security and safety of our family is very important – and we are very cautious when giving out identifying information to people we don’t know. I’m also one of those parents that don’t let their children be photographed for the media…

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