June 18th, 2007
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Does a convicted sex offender deserve the right to parent his child in foster care? Would it have an impact if the victim was an underaged or developmentally delayed person? Should this have an impact on whether a parent can get their child back from being in foster care?

A baby girl was placed in foster care three weeks after her birth because social workers decided the parents had a limited grasp of the medical needs of their daughter. Their daughter was born with severe heart defects, a cleft lip and mild cerebral palsy. The mother threw a chair after seeing her baby connected to machines in the hospital. The mother has schizophrenia, and on medication. She states she takes her medication.


The baby girl is now a two year-old toddler living in foster care. Parental rights for this toddler were eventually terminated. In August 2006, the court ordered social services to find this toddler an adoption home.

On October 2006, an adoptive family was found in Texas for the toddler. The parents flew out to meet the toddler December 2006 and take some classes and take care of some paperwork. The parents are fully aware of her medical issues and already have specialist in place for this toddler’s medical needs.

The father has decided that he wants to parent his daughter in spite of being a registered sex offender. He pleaded guilty to rape of a 22 year- old developmentally delayed woman and a 16 year- old girl.

May 8, in a court hearing the commissioner ordered social workers to give dad a second chance. (Read more about second chances here.).

“Generally speaking, parents have a fundamental right to parent their kids. That would include child molesters,” said James M. Owens, assistant county counsel for Los Angeles County, who handles foster child custody cases.

What the bejeebers is wrong with the courts? Are we this desperate to keep families together?

The father’s response is that he has done everything for the last four months that has been asked of him. We must not forget his new wife of two months is very supportive of her husband and believes he would not harm anyone. Please, I was married to my ex for four years and he “forgot” to tell me that he had a second family during our entire marriage. You only know what people want you to know about them!!

Parenting is a commitment that is so much longer than a four month period. Society talks about protecting children from sexual predators, but then we send a defenseless toddler to a predator’s home. Who is deciding which children are worth being saved?

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5 Responses to “Sex-offender Parental Rights?”

  1. miriam says:

    The poor kid, poor fam.

    The dad on the other hand… not so much. Why would this commissioner put her at risk? It blows my mind.

  2. This should not even be an issue, and the idea that parents have a “fundamental right” to do what they please reduces children to the status of chattel. A birth certificate is NOT a pink slip … a biological connection does NOT convey ownership.
    This is so much of what is behind my determination to keep the option of adoption open for children, and the reason I continue to harp on the fact that biological parents should not automatically be dubbed the best solution for children.

  3. Faith Allen says:

    Stepping up onto the soapbox now (and really trying to hold back, but this information REALLY ticked me off) . . .

    As somebody who grew up in a household with a pedaphile, I can say with absolute certainty that this is NOT OKAY!! In my opinion, once you have been convicted of a sexual crime, part of your sentence should be removing you from all children for the rest of your life.

    The risk is too great. You do not risk the well-being of a child on the hopes of a pedaphile figuring out a way to stop abusing others. Child molesters do NOT have the “fundmental right” to parent their kids — that “right” is outweighed by a child’s right to have his body, soul, and spirit protected. The child molester gave up his “right” to parent his child the first time he harmed a child.

    This man has already proven that he will force himself upon the weak and helpless. Who is more weak and helpless than a child? And don’t even get me started on the woman who is standing by his side.

    I cannot believe that society continues to turn a blind eye to this epidemic. When 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are being sexually abused by age 18, we clearly have a problem. This story is an example of why abuse continues to run so rampant. We care more about a sex offender’s “rights” than we do about keeping our children safe.

    Meanwhile, we question why our rehabs and prisons are overflowing, our teenagers are cutting and starving themselves, and even younger children are blowing their heads off. Society is SCREAMING that our children are being sacrificed, and yet all that matters is a sex offender’s “fundamantal right to parent.” Unbelievable.

    Stepping off the soapbox now . . . and, yes, that was me “holding back.” :0)

    - Faith

  4. Chromesthesia says:

    I say don’t hold back.
    It should be OBVIOUS. Sex offense= no parental rights, none, they are revoked, end of story.

  5. willowtree says:

    Sorry but i do believe some sex offenders deserve to rise there children. Let me tell you a true story about my brother. He is a sex offender and how he became classified as a sex offender was when he was 18 he began dating a 14 year old who said and had id that she was 16 turning 17. Well they had been dating for about a month and her family found out. And he was told her true age they broke up and a few months later he was arrested and was classified as a sex offender. It has been 3 years and he has not done anything wrong and he attends his classes and every 3 months he has to take a lie detector test. And for 2 years he has dated his girlfriend age 20. In my state a person can be classified simply by peeing outside so if you think every one i know could be classified how scary. But my brother has a 18 month old that he would love to see but the mothers new husband does not think that is OK. While the child is being abused forced to sleep on a mattress on the basement floor, being unwanted. and my brother would love to care for him but since the mother wont allow it. So so we cant all classify a person by what the courts says by a simple mistake some people do when they are younger.

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