June 6th, 2011
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check_listIt’s time for license renewal and all the assorted inspections, certifications and paperwork.  When we were licensed, all these little things seemed so daunting but be assured, it does get easier.  Here are my top five ways to stay sane while checking off the things I need to do:

  1. Use my calendar. Things that occur monthly, quarterly or annually are set to “repeat” on my calendar.  For example, each month I must submit a medication report; once a year I need to provide our driver’s licenses and car insurance.  By setting these things a few days or weeks before they’re due, I take the stress out of it.
  2. Remember my two cardinal rules: First,  each item is  easier than it sounds; Secondly, each thing takes longer than I think it “should.”  The takeaway from these two rules is, first, don’t procrastinate and second, only try to do one licensing item in any one day.
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  4. Delegate where I can; Dear Hubby is in charge of the pet vaccinations; everyone helps keep the outlet covers on; everyone helps ready for the fire inspection.
  5. Work ahead. This is made easier by calendaring.   By setting everything ahead of it’s due date, I am not stressed if life (or a new child) intervenes and I can’t complete that item on that day.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Sometimes things get by me.  I just call the social worker, explain the situation and ask how we can proceed.

My goals this year are to organize as I go.  If I notice I am running low on copies, I will make those copies right away and put them in my book.  Every piece of paper (inspection, etc.) will be immediately copied, filed, and mailed to the agency.  I am adding one new step this year, as well:  On my calendar record the date I mailed in each item.  A change of personnel at the agency last year resulted in some things being misfiled.  A date makes it easier for them to track down.

That’s the plan — I’ll let you know how it goes!

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2 Responses to “Sane Licensing and Renewal”

  1. jonathan32425 says:

    I new to this.We are trying to become foster parents.We went thru the map course,finger print,2 home inspections and the back ground check.How much more do we have to go thru before we get licensed?We already have 4 foster kids in home.

    • Dreena T says:

      Hi Johnathan. It sounds like you are making good progress. You have done most of the “hard” work, depending on your state requirements. Just hang in there and keep doing one thing at a time until you are done!! You will get there. (Sorry for the late reply — I was on vacation).

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