March 7th, 2008
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At this point I have become backed up with responding to comments, questions and emails. Bear with me, I hope to have everything caught in a few weeks. I will always try to address any of these things in a post since the information would also benefit others. So, please keep checking back on the foster care blog for my reply.

When I reply to emails I will not give names or other information that is provided to me. Only the basic information that other readers need to follow the post will be shared. If anyone else has topics or questions that they would like addressed on this blog please, comment below or email me.


Also remember that sometimes topics may need to be covered in multiple posts. You, the readers are why I write here so, please let me know what you want to read. It may take me some time to respond since I have a busy life with my children and foster care, but just bear with me.

I have received a few emails from foster children and also former foster children asking me what I think about foster parents and feel about them, so this is a topic I will address in the near future.

Below are some other topics that I hope to cover in the next few weeks.

Parenting your own children while fostering.

Your children adjusting to foster children in the home.

How will foster children change your household?

Protecting your family while fostering and also the foster children you are caring for.

Most of these topics will be covered in several posts so that I can fully answer the questions that have been asked. If there is a topic that you would like me to write about please leave a comment below about what you would like me to address.

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  1. kiana54 says:

    i have a granddauther that i adoptid but i wuld like to give back to her mom. she is getting out of hand i need help and do not know where to go or who to ask.the mother and father right were taking awwy from them because of drug but it has been three years she is doing better now. thanks d.m.

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