June 29th, 2007
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A father of an 11 month old boy that was abandoned earlier this month in a hospital parking lot in Delaware is facing charges on child endangerment and abandonment. The police are also looking into the disappearance for the toddler’s mother last seen June 7 with her son and boyfriend. The last time she was heard from was June 8, her six year old son that lives with his father talked with her.

The boyfriend is being called a person of interest by police. Police are still investigating whether the missing woman’s disappearance may be connected to the mob. The father of the toddler also has a second family that includes a one year old boy.


The toddler was found with a note in his diaper that stated, “”Please help my baby John Vincent I can no longer take care of him. Lost job, lost medical. God have mercy on me.” The father has been linked to the area of the hospital where the toddler was found. His cell phone records show he made a phone call that was bounced off a tower in the area of the hostipal the day the toddler was found.

The toddler has been in foster care since he was found in the hospital parking lot.The child will remain in foster care until they can locate his parents or family. Family Services states that even if the toddler parent’s are found, he may remain in foster care. There they will have to prove to the court the parents ability to care for and provide for the toddler.

The father of the toddler is believed to have fled to Italy. The police are trying to locate his whereabouts.

Another child living in limbo because his parent’s lack of responsible parenting and he will be the one that suffers for the sins of a parent. Hopefully the courts will look at this toddler’s rights before the rights of the parent and do what is best of the child.

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One Response to “More about the Bizaare Story of Toddler Found in Parking Lot”

  1. soblessed says:

    I agree that the actions were irresponsible, especially in the light of Safe Haven laws (don’t know if they apply where he lives).

    On the other hand, so many of these cases end up in tragedy with children passed to relatives who don’t want them, abused or even killed by the parents who no longer have the means or the desire to raise them. At least he left the child in an area (I assume) where the potential of discovery was high.

    Such a shame and so sad for that baby……

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