July 31st, 2007
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I will be addressing statements (below is the first one) that have been left in comments on a few of my blogs.

“Always know some parent(s) want their children, at birth, and before and after being kidnapped by the state for their “power seeking, memorable souls”.”

Foster children are not removed from their biological parents on a whim. Caseworkers are not driving around trolling the streets looking for children to place into foster care to keep their job and to fill up foster homes. Complaints are made by anyone (including the biological family members which does happen a lot, doctors, school employees, friends, general public, the lady at the grocery store, etc.) to the police department, abuse hotline, or local child welfare office.


I fully understand that our child welfare system is far from perfect. I have talked about the needed changes and reform that the foster care system needs to happen. I also know that there are a few caseworkers that do not necessarily do what is best for the children they are hired to protect.

An investigator caseworker will investigate the complaint and will decide if immediate action is needed to protect the children. Most caseworkers do not just remove with the first complaint. While this is rare I do believe and know that some children are removed when they did not need to be.

This can also happen to foster parents. Child welfare tends to be harder on foster families. The allegations of abuse by the foster parents easily come from the biological parents when they are angry with the system. The foster parents may then face having have one of the spouse’s move out temporarily, or the foster children are removed, or in some case their own children, until an investigation is completed. With biological parents, child welfare does an investigation first before removing but that is not the case with most foster families.

Child welfare does protect and remove children for abusive and neglectful situations. This does not even begin to equal kidnapping. Are we supposed to look the other way while parents abuse, torture and neglect their children for whatever the reason maybe? Children do not deserve to endure lives of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, because some people have issues with how the system works.

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  1. Faith Allen says:

    It takes a LOT of evidence to remove a child from an unsafe environment. I am appalled at some of the situations where children are not removed from unsafe homes. The system definitely leans more toward keeping a family together when the situation is unclear.

    - Faith

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