June 26th, 2006
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A child is four times more likely to die in the Texas foster care system than outside it, Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn said Friday, releasing data on foster care deaths, poisonings, rapes and pregnancies.

“Many children are in more abusive situations now than they were before the state intervened,” said Strayhorn, an independent gubernatorial candidate, at a press conference where she was flanked by children’s advocates. “Children are being neglected, abused and are dying.”

This, from the Houston Chronicle. The Times Record News and Fort Worth Star Telegram also did stories on this sad fact in Texas.
In Tallahassee FL, thanks to former and current foster kids, there was a new law passed that allows kids aging out of foster care to continue to be covered with health insurance, helping them to more easily transition to being on their own.

State law previously cut off teen’s benefits as soon as they turned 18, regardless of whether they had a job or could afford to pay for insurance.
Here’s a story that will make you say “Huh?” This girl was removed from her home and put in foster care due to a hairline fracture of her skull. Her grandparents requested that she stay with them, but social workers placed her out of home anyway.
And get this. Grandpa, once she was finally placed with them, had to move out of the house for a while because he had had a DUI conviction 12 YEARS earlier! Don’t get me started on common sense, or the lack thereof.
And finally, here is a story about a family that was wrongfully accused of killing one of their children, and how much they and the children suffered as a result. But, on a positive note, this legislation would help children in the future, by giving preference to relatives when it comes to out of home placements.
I don’t mean to depress you, but this is the news…

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  1. hnorris says:

    This happens more than you think. I have several friends that grew up in the fostercare system and so did my husband. None of them had a good experience. They tell me that people are in it just for the money.
    My husband was in 26 homes and has been abused in every possible way. I think that he would have had a much better childhood if he had been allowed to stay with other family members.

  2. chattinforsouls says:

    wow…that’s depressing…makes me want to really be Jesus to these kids

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