January 24th, 2008
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This is a reply to a comment left here concerning how I, or other foster parents would know that biological parents were not working their plans.

Biological parents not working their plans are not in most cases a top secret thing from the foster parents or other people involved with the foster children. Yes, there are confidentiality rules that people not involved with the case knowing the information. No, for the record I know this information because I hear it from the biological parents mouths as do most other foster parents.

Case assessments and/or case plans happen every 6 months (maybe different time table in other states). Everyone involved with foster children can be part of this meeting, yes including the foster parents. This meeting can be attended in person, by phone or someone can attend in your place in some cases. In this meeting, the biological parents’ plan will be discussed in great detail. At times each thing they need to do will be reviewed along with their progress or lack of it. This is how someone knows that the biological parents’ have worked their plan.


This is also the time for the biological parents to voice if there is a legitimate reason that they are unable to work their services. If they are having issues attending the visitation with their children because of their work schedule or transportation then the time or place of the visit will be reviewed.

I have seen (yes, with my own eyes and ears) a biological parent that was required to attend so many hours of counseling which Child Welfare set up for them but he had a long list of reasons why he could not attend at that time, place, etc. In this case if the person misses three appointments without any contact then he is dropped from the program and another person needing and wanting the services on placed into that slot. This biological parent was given a number of chances by Child Welfare to complete his counseling by having several different resources to take his case. Finally, it got to the point that there was not anyone else willing to provide him with services due to his being irresponsible when people were willing to work with him so he could get his child back.

So, no, I am not going by what a caseworker or someone else says but what I know. Every service plan for a biological parent that I have heard has been pretty straight forward and to the point.

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3 Responses to “Facts About Biological Parents and Their Plans”

  1. xxsurroundedbyxy says:

    I agree. Our plan states that mom must take parenting classes and because she has taken them before, if she misses just one with a great excuse, she has to start them over from the beginning. She is to see her son once a week. She is to submit to random drug tests within an hour of their request. She is to attend AA/NA meetings 2-3 times per week and show proof of her attendance.

    However, I have no clue if she is doing any of those things. The only thing I do know is that she is NOT seeing her son once a week, she is cancelling visits and not rescheduling, and he has seen his mom twice in two months. So I am doubting that she is meeting any of the other demands and will not know for sure until the next staff meeting in several months.

    It is hard to explain to a child why mom is not doing any of the things that the judge ordered. It is hurtful and confusing….especially for a child who has little concept of time or how long they may be away from “home”.

    To many bio parents, we are simply free babysitters that have come and given them the freedom to come and go as they please and do drugs freely with no responsibilities to tie them down. Why mess that up by doing what the judge asked any sooner than absolutely necessary??

  2. upontop31 says:

    “Why mess that up by doing what the judge asked any sooner than absolutely necessary??”

    What a great point! I have seen so many bio parents do JUST enough to get by but claim they want their children. Their actions speak so much louder then their words. But here we are with the kids still in care and the parent dragging their feet. Ugghhhh.

  3. swetjersey says:

    I have two boys half siblings. One is ready for adoption the other dad is fighting for custdy. Mom signed them over to me and my husband with condition to adopt both. Now with dad fighting we are going to trial and we now can loose both boys. Has dad done any of what you said no. He has no job lives with someone so does not have his own residance but says he is dad and never had a chance to be dad and should get cusdty and could win from what I understand. Is it fair that we have to have a guling home study and our finacials looked over and finger prints and backround checks but this dad is dad with no crib no food no job no insurance can get this baby that is asmatic and on a nebulizer 4 times a day just because he is dad. Ugghhhh.

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