April 29th, 2007
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A week long camp named Camp to Belong has a goal unify siblings separated by adoption placement, relative care, or foster home placements. Siblings come together to share their lives, make new lasting memories and continue their lifetime bond of being siblings. They get to experience new things together such as horseback riding, rafting, swimming, wall climbing and camping out. What a wonderful way for siblings to be able to come together and reconnect even if it is just a short time. The camp also has therapy -like classes to help the children to learn to cope with being separated and a Therapeutic Art Program.


For older children they go on a field trip to a local college and discuss skills on how to be successful at adult living.

Siblings that are separated in foster care may get one visit a month with their others siblings at some fast food place, if that. So, having the opportunity of spending a week at camp with their siblings can be an amazing gift for these children. To be able to bond, share experiences and share their lives without worrying about their individual families is special for these siblings. Help maintain your child or children’s sibling contact with the gift of spending a week together.

Pass this information on to other adoptive and foster families that have children separated from their sibling or siblings. You can also be a sponsor or a make a donation to help this worthy cause.

Other states are getting involved all the time, so check their website.

Below are sites that have Camp to Belong:

Camp To Belong Nevada, June 11-16

Camp To Belong Massachusetts, Dates to be announced soon

Camp To Belong Maine, August 14-19

Camp To Belong Canada, Operations moving from U.S. to Canada; Canada Steering Committee forming

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  1. krinker says:

    Here is one in California, I was affliated with Camp To Belong but is now run by Aspira Foster & Family Services:

  2. dede4583 says:

    I wish that my voice was heard in reguards to my nieces and nephew in foster care. THEY are separated and never get to see each other it is very sad cause we all live in the same town and the sisters even go to the same primary school and they dont even know the other caues DCF droped the ball and did not have or enforce sibling visitation

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