May 24th, 2007
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Adult foster care covers to different types of care and people, below you will find information on both types. Every state has very different requirements, paperwork and training.

One type of adult foster care is dealing with adults with developmentally delays, mental retardation (MR) or mentally ill. Some foster agencies that have only dealt with children in the past are getting involved with some adult foster care. Within the last two years, my agency has started dealing with this type of adult fostering.

I was approached by one of my friends with a mentally retarded daughter about providing care for her, and my agency talked with me about how it works. I thought it would be best for everyone involved to find a different placement for my friend’s daughter.


There were several reasons for my decision. First, I have provided care for her several different occasions so I know she can be a major hand full. Second, it would mean I would be double licensed along with a double set of headaches and it would have a major impact on my fostering children. Third, the major reason I do not want to foster long term for a friend.

In my opinion, this type of adult fostering is a lot like therapeutic foster care of children. When you deal with adults that are mentally retarded, you are dealing with a child in an adult body and they still have the same behaviors. The thing to remember is that there are different degrees of care for a mentally retarded person.

Providing this type of care will mean teaching self help skills, helping with daily tasks, supervision and personal care. This is a major commitment for everyone in your home and can be very time consuming. This type of care requires a long term commitment on your family’s part. They want these adults to have a sense of home and family, so they do not want multiple placements.

Read the next post on “Adult Foster Care: Elderly” because there will also be information that covers both types of care.

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    I am interesting in doing foster care for adult. How do I go about taking the classes in Orlando.


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