April 25th, 2007
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Being a foster mother can be very stressful. Every time you turn around someone wants paperwork, information, conferences, and the list goes on. At times it can be overwhelming being pulled in so many different directions by so many people. Remember you cannot do everything and some things can be cut out if need be. Below are some ideas to help you deal with stress and demands of fostering.

1. Do not give up the things you enjoy because of a busy schedule. Doing something that you enjoy can be therapeutic and can give you food for your soul whether it is scrap booking, reading, shopping, gardening or anything else that you enjoy doing.


2. Light some nice scented candles, listen to some music and have a long hot bubble bath.

3. Have lunch or dinner with a friend at your favorite restaurant. Spend some time catching up on girl talk.

4. Go to bed a little early with your favorite magazine or catalogues.

5. Treat yourself to some wonderful gourmet chocolates and your favorite coffee drink.

6. Take a trip to your favorite store without the children and treat yourself to a little something.

7. When you are having a bad day let your voice mail pick up those calls that you just cannot deal with it right then. Remember tomorrow is a new day.

8. Drop your children off at a friend’s house, go home and take a nap for a couple of hours. Do not forget to turn your phone off.

9. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure maybe even a spa day.

10. Do not overload your plate and spread yourself so thin. You cannot take care of everyone else unless you take care of yourself first.

Please share below what you do to help yourself deal with stress:)

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  1. BEACHLADY says:

    Good advice!!!

  2. Lanette says:

    Thanks, Beachlady.


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