Foster Care System Frustrations

March 4th, 2012
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Dog on goat-gfairyYesterday I had lunch with the director of my foster care/adoption agency.¬† We coincidentally were at the same training so it was great to lunch with her, my case worker and the adoption case worker.¬† Our agency is undergoing a change right now, and we will no longer be taking foster-care placements from the state (Texas).¬† The agency is going back to it's original mission of infant adoption. I was curious about this decision, obviously, since I know the director has a real passion for older-child adoption.¬† . It was a lengthy conversation but basically, it boils down to this: I've known for some time that the way the state uses CPA's (child placing agencies) for foster care is unfair.¬† Basically, the… [more]


October 17th, 2011
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Brown and white handsYou may remember me writing about Puddin'.¬† She was a 3-year-old who came to us twice, both times voluntarily placed in temporary care by her dad.¬† Dad was a single parent who loved his daughter to pieces.¬† He simply could not make it work.¬† He couldn't stay employed, he couldn't hold on to housing,¬† he didn't have reliable child care, he couldn't keep food on the table. In some ways, Puddin' had it easy.¬† She had probably never been abused, she was loved, she had the stability of her father in her life.¬† On the other hand, she had been passed around to family and friends, seldom seeing the same people twice, never staying more than a few days or… [more]