Foster Care Redesign

September 14th, 2011
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Thanks to Senate Bill 218, signed into law last June, foster care in Texas is undergoing some needed changes. While these changes may make life different for those of us who provide foster care, I think they will vastly improve the experience of the children in state care.  Perhaps the positive outcomes of these changes will encourage other states to follow suit. As recently as 2008, 60% of the foster kids in Texas were placed outside their home county.  If you don't happen to be from Texas, you may not realize counties in Texas are big! Sometimes that meant children were placed hundreds of miles from home and their support systems.  The program called Foster Care Redesign addresses that issue and many others.  If you are interested in the complete plan… [more]

South Carolina is Working to Improve Foster Adoption

August 17th, 2007
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South Carolina is working towards streamlining foster care adoptions. A task force has been appointed to help address some problems and challenges that come with adopting from foster care. I always wonder when task forces or committees are formed if they place any foster parents on them since we are the ones that deal with a lot of the problems. This task force will include two longtime foster parents. Anyone that has adopted for the state child welfare system can relate all kinds of problems. It is part of the government, and red tape comes along with the government. South Carolina’s average wait for adoption for foster care is 4 years. Whew! That is… [more]

Foster Care Public or Private – Can it Work?

August 6th, 2007
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Foster Care Public or Private Can going from public to private be the”fix all” for the foster care system? How can it be? The same problems remain that have left the system crippling along. Everything remains the same and will just carry over while the people change places. Some states have already moved towards or have gone to private agencies shouldering the responsibility of the foster care. In states that have gone to private care, there are still the same problems with new additional ones added to it. It has become harder for some foster families to find services (doctors, therapies, etc) for the foster children they are caring for. Some people think that the system… [more]

Foster Care Public or Private

August 5th, 2007
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A number of states are looking at, or have gone to private foster care as one part to reform the foster care system. Some states have been going back and forth on what would be best. Some people view this as a way out for the state instead of fixing the problems they just pass the responsibility to someone else. The foster care system has been placed into shambles by the state and now they are searching for a way out without fixing the problems. People are all over the board on what they think of foster care remaining public or going private. The state would still be involved with the care of foster children but would not be placing children with… [more]

Foster Care Bill in California Needs Support – You Can Help

June 28th, 2007
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California is in the process of trying to help the foster children that are aging out of the system by passing AB 845 which will offer transitional housing to the foster children along job training, financial planning, education needs and other resources. Some senators are threatening to block this, and it is believed that it may fall short of two-thirds majority votes. So, any foster children living, or who knows someone living in California please, email or fax your local congress at the link provided below to support the much needed change in the foster care system. It is time to make a change, not just sit around discussing the problems of foster care. Help be the solution to the problem. Please leave a comment below if you… [more]