April 29th, 2011
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1340435_time_for_coffee_3I love being able to sit down and 'chat' with you on a regular basis. It is almost like we are in the local coffee shop drinking our favorite latte, nibbling a baguette and having that much needed heart to heart discussion. One of the most important things that we can put into our lives is that fellowship with others. It is one of the most neglected areas in a lot of people's agendas, especially those people with children. It is hard to carve out the time amidst all of busyness that children bring and foster children bring a whole different form of crazy. There are meetings, school requirements and visits with bio parents on top of the basic care, emotional dealings and… [more]

Finding Help for Your Younger Foster Children Under the Age of Three

March 7th, 2007
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I wrote an article about foster children’s therapies. Early Childhood Intervention is a program that deals with all the therapies that I’ve discussed. Talk with your foster child’s doctor about any areas that you are concerned about and they can put you in touch with the agency in your area. I liked the therapy for a few reasons, it was in my home, they worked with you as the parent to give you skills to help the child cope with their behaviors, it was a more relaxed setting which leads you to be more open (at least it did for me). I did not like every therapist I had, but I would ask for a different therapist. The behavior therapist we were blessed to have was… [more]

Therapy for Your Foster Children Part 2

March 6th, 2007
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Continued...... Physical therapy can be of great benefit to overcome physical challenges that a foster child may be facing. If a child is having problems learning to walk, climbing stairs, running or using or controlling their muscle control you need to get them elevated for physical therapy. If you have, or thinking of fostering a child that is in a wheelchair, this therapy is used a lot with these children to help keep their muscles toned and from getting stiff. Occupational therapy is the using of fine motor skills like, picking things up with their fingers, writing, holding and using utensils, buttoning or unbuttoning, zipping or unzipping, turning pages of a book. This just names a few things that this therapy can help with. You may also… [more]

Therapy for Your Foster Children Part 1

March 5th, 2007
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There are all different kinds of therapy that foster children need and can benefit from. Sadly to say it is not always easy to get them the therapy and help they need. At times you will finally get the therapy lined up, and before you know it, they are being moved to a family placement or a different foster placement. I have found that it is easier to use one therapy company that offers different kinds of therapy, it is quicker to get referrals and start the process. Also you need to talk with your doctor about your concerns and that you would like them to get evaluated. Your doctor will have to give recommendations or a prescription for the child to be evaluated and receive… [more]