All’s Fair in Love

May 15th, 2011
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redrose-gfairy Now that our foster cutie has gone on to her forever family ( hooray for her!), I am able to take a look back at her weeks with us.  She was young -- just three -- and had some behaviors that were baffling to my older daughters.  When she first arrived, the tiniest correction would cause her to wail and run from the room.  I do mean wail, too,  like a siren.  This caused some difficulty in public places, like church.  A hand on her knee or a finger to my lips and suddenly the siren wailed and we were running for the exit. After several weeks with us, this strong reaction gradually lessened.  She still did it at times, especially if… [more]

Survival Skills with Your Foster Children – Dealing with Stealing

October 21st, 2007
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Survival Skills with Your Foster Children – Stealing I believe stealing is one of the hardest habits to break. I have made improvements with foster children over time with stealing, but it is still there. While I do understand that for the most part their stealing is a learned behavior or that they had to steal food for survival, it is something that foster parents should not overlook. This is a criminal behavior that the foster child must learn is wrong and there are consequences for stealing. I have fostered a child as young as three years old that would steal. Stuffing food in their pockets to hide or eat later. One three year old was so bad at stealing anything… [more]

Creative Disciplining

April 22nd, 2007
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When you work with foster children, you will learn that the traditional disciplining may not work for them, so you need to learn to be creative in this area. When a child has never played outside, had toys, watched cartoons or so many other things, then being grounded and not being able to do these things may not matter to him or her. With some foster children, rewarding positive behavior can work, like being the one to choose the book I read to them, getting a special snack or drink, getting to go in the kitchen while I fix dinner and play, etc. For one of our foster daughters (nine years old), if she could get redirected without becoming hostile or at times aggressive, then she could do our… [more]