The Outside Looking In

August 26th, 2013
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Blog Post 5 - The Outside Looking InMy daughter met a new friend last year towards the end of the  school year in the after school program offered there. Both me and my daughters' new found friend mom was busy all summer so we could not get the girls together at all. This school year came around and the girls reconnected again and my daughter was invited over for a play date. Of course I needed to get better acquainted with my daughters' friend before I felt comfortable with her to be left alone over their house. We drove over to her friend’s house and the neighborhood was a beautiful neighborhood in fact one of the sought after neighborhoods in the area. The home was a… [more]

Words I Hate to Say

August 16th, 2013
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FosterParentImage Five months ago our life exploded. We went from being just the two of us for five years, to being all four of us in five days (soon-to-be-five since our boys’ little brother is moving in with us soon too). And that’s what we wanted. I have wanted to be a foster parent for as long as I can remember (for real). I did my research, talked to foster parents, read stories, scoured blogs. There were so many things to try to prepare myself to face, but among the things I didn’t anticipate was growing to hate my title of “foster parent.” At first it was the only parental title I’d ever known, so it was fine. But the more moments the boys… [more]

Forever Families

October 13th, 2012
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1389105_happy_familyOne of the coolest things about the month of November is that it is National Adoption Month. I love that there is a whole month dedicated to the children who have been adopted, the parents that have adopted and the children who are waiting to be adopted. Adopted, adopted, adopted. I love to throw that word around. And this November that is exactly what we all should be doing. There is no better way to let people know about the need prevalent in foster care than to tell about your own experience with fostering and adoption. There is a lot of fear around these two actions. It is not unfounded. Adoption from foster care brings many unknowns into a home. Yet, there are… [more]

A Home Filled with Love and Laughter

October 6th, 2012
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617844_never_grow_upAs I sit here thinking this morning, I cannot help but bring focus on the huge need for foster parents today. There are so many children in need of solid, stable homes and so few prepared to stand in this gap. It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and strength to place yourself in a situation that will be trying. If you know that it will be difficult going into it, healthy fear sets in. I use the word healthy before fear because it is accurate. There is not service to be found in walking into a foster care situation without the ability to handle it. An honest look at fostering, from someone who has done it, will show that their are daily… [more]

A Huge Life

September 29th, 2012
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  1. 1391967_baby_handsA huge life! That is my goal for all of the kids under my care. I desire it to the very core of my being and live a major portion of my life making it so. That is how every foster parent should feel about the kids that they are caring for. I think if I could give one message to the world it would be that every kid deserves happiness- true happiness. Imagine a world filled with children who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that theya re valued and loved. The thought brings joy to my heart. Though I cannot change every kids life, I can change the ones that are mine (whether it just be for a season.)

I Get to Talk and People Will Listen

April 14th, 2012
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1339425_loudspeakerI am blessed to be writing you today and telling about a unique experience that I am getting. In May, I will be giving a speech/workshop on adoption and foster care/adoption. This is so exciting for me as it is certainly my passion. I have been planning in my head what information I want to pass along- the list is long. When I think about the foster care system, I think of children who deserve a normal life and the parents that make it their life calling to ensure that. I think of giving until there is no more to give and often seeing no results for all of the labor. Yet, that is only one side of the coin. Foster care offers… [more]

Looking For Summer

February 29th, 2012
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1286631_happy_kid_4Here is a little something that I have noticed; when children go outside to play their perspective changes. The once tired, groggy child flies through the back door laughing and giggling- kicking off their shoes in their haste to tell you what they found or did. It is like someone turned a switch. Here in the Midwest, we do not get the out-of -doors times this time of year. It is cold and dreary. The kids fight. The snow turns to rain- except today. It is a great day when the windows can be opened to allow the fresh air to flow through the house and the children's voices can be heard in a distance as they run and play. I love that… [more]


January 21st, 2012
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1376728_mirrorHaving an exchange student in my home has given me another perspective on life. Things in America are definitely different from in other countries. The things that we take for granted are not often not true in other parts of the world. One of the biggest differences is the Foster Care System. Those of you involved know that a lot of legalities go into the protection of children- sometimes it can feel as though there are too many hoops to jump through. If a child falls into an unsafe situation in America, the foster care system gets involved and tries to do what is best for the family. I know that this does not always seem to occur but it is the stated goal. In… [more]

Puddin’ Past, Baby Will and other Loved Ones

December 14th, 2011
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santa vintage image graphicsfairy006It must be the upcoming holidays; they make me wax nostalgic.  Anyway, I have been thinking constantly about Puddin.'  She came to us for the first time a year ago.  I thought about sending her "forever family" a Christmas card.  And then I worried that maybe that wouldn't be helpful.  And finally, I came to the conclusion that I should just mind my own business and let them get on with their lives! This is the hard part about foster care.  We do get attached to these kids.  We love them.  We want them to be happy and to thrive.  So, we miss them. All but one of my own kids came to me after foster care.  Our oldest, Pepper… [more]

It Was Delightful

December 5th, 2011
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423560_thanksgiving_tableThanksgiving at our house was a very interesting affair. I could not help but laugh as I looked around the table. There was no rhyme or reason to the attendees. At the head of the table was my husband. He was adopted as a baby. To his right was our Chinese adopted daughter (June 2010.) Next to her was our biological son. To his right was my husband's biological mother. She spent most of the evening speaking with our Chinese exchange student. Placed strategically at the John Deere plate because of his love for farming was my husband's biological father. My husband's sister was seated across the table from him (she was adopted by his parents out of foster care as a… [more]